Science Squad Event at Des Moines Library

We had our first Science Squad event at the Des Moines Library in Des Moines, WA.  This was our first time venturing south of Seattle.  The Des Moines Library is very beautiful and the staff was very helpful throughout the process of organizing this event.  The event was targeted at kids 8 – 12 years old, but we had kids younger than that coming into the room.  In our next event, we are now thinking of accommodating a less complex activity in the subject, if possible for the younger kids, when they come to the booth.   Despite the (rare) gorgeous summer day outside and holiday season, we had a decent turnout for this event.

Thank you Activity Leads

Such a 1:1 hands-on event is not possible without the help of our activity leads who guided the kids through their activities.  We would like all the activity leads for their participation and donation of the material involved.

  1. Physics – Raj Kunnath – (Microsoft Engineer)
  2. Chemistry – Elizabeth Heftel (Microsoft Engineer) and her husband Brennan
  3. Math – Ellis Corets – (Former Boeing Engineer)
  4. Software – Ashley Myers (Microsoft Engineer)
  5. BioTech – Sonu Arora (Microsoft Engineer)
  6. Space – Ted Cook (Science Video Maker)
  7. Geology – Suzan (Science Enthusiast)
  8. Engineering – Gary Foss (Boeing Engineer)
  9. Biology – Barad Balraj (Grade 7 Student)

It was really exciting to see the kids get fascinated when they saw how slime was made, or how lemons actually powered the clock or even when the bulb lit up due to solar panel.

You can check out the photos of this event posted at our Facebook site.

We are now looking forward to our next such event! :-)

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