Science Model Building Day at Uncle Games

I organized a small event at Uncle Games in Redmond this week.   I personally like visiting Uncle Games for wide variety of games they offer for kids of all ages.  They have this little area at the back of the store , where they give you demonstrations of up-and-coming games.

Since there wereuple of age groups: Grade 1 & Grade 7+, we had two activities going on in parallel.  Jon, one of the King County Science Club’s member brought his son’s computer and showed how to put it together from all the computer parts.  I led the other activity with the younger kids and showed them how to make a membranophone from a water bottle, gloves and straw.  The kids had fun making it and learning about the principles of how a set of vibrations to a membrane (stretched glove in our experiment) produce sound.

If you want to try the experiment at home, follow the link below to create your water bottle mebranophone and have fun making some music.


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