Kids can create fun games using Microsoft Kodu

Imagination fules creativity! What if kids can bring their imagination into reality by creating new-age exciting games? Kids can use the gaming world to learn about sciences – for example – there are interactive simulations on the computer that show how an aircraft works or what it takes to build a car.  What if the kids can also use their imagination and hands-on tools to showcase their ideas through a game and then play them with their friends.  That’s what can be done by a very simple language developed by Microsoft Research.  It’s called Kodu!  Kodu is a visual programming language made specifically for creating games.  The development tools for Kodu can be downloaded from  Kodu will also ship as a downloadable product to Xbox 360 in spring 2010.

We believe in order to fuel imagination and creativity in our youth of tomorrow, technology plays an important role in helping children build their knowledge base.  When I was young child I remember using a simple paper and pencil to “create” my other world.  In this age, where technology and computers are pivotal part of kids growing up, they need alternate means of “hands-on” experiences for igniting their passion.  At Cascades Science Center Foundation, our vision is to excite and ignite passion in young kids for sciences through hands-on experiments.  We aim to use different facets of sciences, including physics, technology and even biology in a blended experiment, so kids can learn in a non-linear fashion.

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