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Be a Cascades Science Center ambassador .. here is how!!!

Do any or all of the following activities

  1. Like us on our Cascades Science Center Foundation Facebook page.
  2. Follow us on our Cascades Science Center Foundation Twitter page.
  3. Print and distribute our flyer to coworkers and friends, especially those who have school-aged children.
  4. If you have your own children or bring other neices and nephews at one of our Science Squad Events at local community centers, schools and/or libraries.
  5. If you have friends and co-workers who are into STEM professions or know of science savvy teenagers or university students, recruit them to volunteer as an activity lead at the science events, being a role model to younger kids.

The length of your service is up to you. Just let us know you want to help. 
Then tell us which of the suggested activities you did to help build awareness about Cascades Science Center Foundation. If you can help more, we can suggest other activities, too.  Contact us at