Cascades Science Squad – Summer Science Days – 2012 – Activity Lead Guide

Dear Science Squad Activity Leads,

Cascades Science Center Foundation welcomes you to be part of Cascades Science Squad, a program sponsored by the foundation to inspire middle-school aged youth to reach their full potential and creativity through engagement in fun, hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) activities, connections with talented STEM professionals in a supportive out-of-school informal environment.  The program enables STEM professionals to share their knowledge with the community, develop their teaching and mentoring skills and better understand education issues facing youth.  The Cascades Science Squad activity leads focus on sparking kids’ curiosity about the world and hones their problem-solving skills.  We believe that by uniting our forces together we can raise the next generation’s interest in STEM as a career choice and science as a means to increase their creativity and unleash true potential.

Children are naturally inclined to learn through observation and investigations.  Their understanding of the world is going to be deeply impacted by every experience, every activity and every connection they are going to make with you.  By using your life story, you can present the professions you work in as creative career choices for them in the future.  This is an out-of-school informal science program and our aim is to provide unique STEM hands-on experiences to youth.  Though we have provided set activities for you, we encourage you to come up with your own unique techniques to explain the concepts to the children.

Thank you for joining us in educating our next generation through child-driven investigations and interpretations, while you are there as mentor and role model for them.  The following two documents will give you enough information to bring STEM to life for the young kids at North Seattle Family Center.

Summer Science Days – Volunteer Orientation

Summer Science Days – Activity Lead Guide

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your program lead and/or for any additional information.

Thanks to all the volunteers who were able to attend the orientation session on June 30, 2012.

Cascades Science Squad Activity Leads