Building electronic devices, anyone?

Would you like to build your own electronic devices? Sounds hard … it doesn’t need to be.  Now, you can buy small hardware modules that you can just connect together to prototype a device in a matter of hours (not days and weeks).   The type of devices include Mp3 players, environmental monitor, bike computer, cameras that send information to other devices, … your imagine it and you can build it … easily! :-)

With Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer, you can do just that without necessarily requiring an advanced engineering degree.  You still ofcourse some passion to put things together and be able to have interest in learning to program.  These devices can be programmed using Microsoft Visual Studio development environment, as the Gadgeteer is built over Microsoft .NET Micro-Framework.

Colin Miller, the Product Unit Manager of this product at Microsoft kindly provided us an early demo of this product to a group of science enthusiasts.  It was a small event attended by teenagers and adults.   In this demo, Colin walked us through the capabilities of .NET Gadgeteer and programmed a simple switch on/off device.   I personally was very inspired by it!  You can find more details about this cool technology at







All the cool modules, Colin brought with him.  He passed them around to us so we could see all the tiny text written on those boards.







Colin doing the hands-on demo, while projecting it through the ‘camera projector’ so audience didn’t have to gather around the table to see what he was doing.







Group paying attention to Colin.


We would love to host another session where childern can all potentially get hands-on experience building something.  Microsoft, please go ahead and release this really cool technology!!

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