In 2006 retired Boeing Engineering Manager Ellis Corets, while taking one of his granddaughters to a family event, overheard her say, “I hate Science.” This sparked a realization: There is a defining moment in which children can gain or lose interest in science – not by choice, but as the default result of a system that does not look to inspire children at this critical time. Motivated by this realization, Ellis Corets went on to become the founder and President of Cascade Science Center Foundation.

Over the last few years, this insight has developed into a vision of a place to provide an opportunity to inspire children by engaging them through hands on, interactive learning. Touring and researching a local science related facility has revealed science displayed in a static, museum-like setting.

Our vision has attracted a diverse group of professionals who are invested in King County, Washington as a place to live, work and raise their families. Many of the Cascades Science Center supporters are professionals who owe their success to science education and the opportunities it has given them; they see the value of science in their lives.